Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program

For Windows developers looking to monetize better through ads, Microsoft is announcing the Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program.

Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program is a curated collection of ad-enabled apps that are best in class in terms of usage, engagement, and experience.

These apps use one or more ad formats from among banner, interstitial banner, interstitial video and native ads to monetize. There are more than a million apps in the Windows Store and these premium apps represent the best of inventory that advertisers can target for the highest ROI on their campaigns.

Apps in the Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program satisfy a wide range of criteria, from having a globally distributed audience that is highly engaged, have identifiable users and are viewability certified​.

The full list of qualifying criteria is as follows:

  • Minimum guaranteed daily ad request volume
  • High viewability rate for impressions
  • Good quality clicks contributing to a minimum CTR across all ad formats
  • Only IAB standard ad sizes and no hidden ads
  • Clean placement of banners – not adjacent, no using ad units across multiple apps
  • Clear defined user flow to the point where the video and/or interstitial banner ad is shown, no pre-caching
  • Controlled ad refresh behavior so that the ads returned from the mediation server are always played
  • Great Store presence with clear app descriptions, high fidelity screenshots and icons uploaded to the Store along with a video trailer (preferable)

For more information on how do apps become a part of this program, head to the source link below.