Google Analytics

Microsoft is launching a Windows SDK for Google Analytics. This SDK will provide an easy way for Windows 10 developers track user sessions, screen views, events, crashes, social interactions and promotional campaigns on their Windows 10 apps submitted under their Windows Dev Center account.

The SDK uses Google’s measurement protocol to send HTTP requests when users interact with the app to Google’s Universal Analytics Services. It also supports debug endpoint which will allow developers to test and validate their hits.

There is a C# SDK that can be used both by Universal Windows Store apps and desktop apps, and there is also a C++ WinRT component for developers targeting UWP apps written in C++ or JavaScript. Both the C# SDK and the C++ WinRT component use the same API names, so moving between them is seamless.

The source code for the SDK is hosted on GitHub but you can get go fast by downloading the Nuget package which can be found here, through Package Manager inside Visual Studio IDE.

Watch the demo video below to learn how easy it is to get started with the tool:

For step-by-step instructions, visit this page