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Microsoft is now rolling out a new update to the Microsoft Office app on Windows.

The latest update to Microsoft Office on Windows comes to those in Microsoft Office Insiders Preview build 13029.20200. This new build is live with some improvements and bug fixes over the previous one. It comes with some new features like Sheet view, LET – names in formulas for Excel, Speedy SUMIFS, faster playback comes to PowerPoint, creating polls in emails, and much more.

A detailed changelog is given below,



Sheet View

  • You can now sort and filter your Excel file while collaborating with others with Sheet View. This new feature prevents you from being impacted by other user’s sorts and filters while co-authoring the document.

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LET – Names in formulas for Excel

  • The LET function allows you to name, and then use a calculation of value in your formulas, and increase both readability (by giving context to others) and performance (by reducing the number of times an expression is calculated). It’s named but on a formula level.

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Create a PivotTable from Power BI datasets

  • You can create PivotTables in Excel that are connected to datasets stored in Power BI with a few clicks. Doing this allows you to get the best of both PivotTables and Power BI.

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  • Have you ever used SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS, MAXIFS, and MINI FS as well as their singular counterparts SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF, MAXIF, and MINIF to aggregate lots of data? In this update of Excel, you’ll notice these calculations are noticeably faster.

  • These functions now create an internal cached index for the column range being searched in each expression. This cached index is reused in any subsequent aggregations that are pulling from the same range. The effect is dramatic: For example calculating 1200 SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS formulas aggregating data from 1 million cells on a 4 core 2 GHz CPU that took 20 seconds to calculate using Excel 2010, now takes 8 seconds only, on Excel M365 2006.


Faster playback comes to Microsoft Stream videos

  • Microsoft Stream lets people in your organization upload, view, and share videos securely. You can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that your team needs. We previously enabled Stream as one of the supported online video sources in PowerPoint. Over the last few months, we’ve made significant performance improvements to the video playback experience. Now you’ll experience faster playback of Stream videos in your PowerPoint presentations.


Create polls in email quickly and easily

  • Easily create a poll, collect votes, and view results within an email.

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Quickly reopen items from the previous session

  • We added an option to quickly reopen items from a previous Outlook session. Whether Outlook crashes or you close it, you’ll now be able to quickly relaunch items when you reopen the app. This feature is on by default. To turn it off, go to Options > General > Startup Options.

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Disable @ mentions

  • Do you find the @ mention picker more annoying than useful? Now you can turn it off. Find the option under the new checkbox under File > Options > Mail > Send Messages in Outlook.

Transfer Outlook settings automatically

  • Outlook will now store/retrieve settings from the cloud, so when you set up a new Windows device, your settings will be loaded automatically based on your Office identity.

Store your signatures in the cloud

  • Signatures now follow your account across Windows devices. Set up your account once, and new installations of Outlook will have your signatures.