movie mmentQuick heads-up!! Microsoft has made two new apps available for devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Reading list and Movie moments had arrived to Windows store sometime back and were awaited to land on Windows Phone store. These two apps are now available for devices running Windows Phone 8.1 developers preview In case you are not yet running Windows Phone 8.1 on your devices, you may like to check our tutorial on how to get it and related coverage here on one page.

Reading list:

Do you ever run out of time to read articles or watch videos you’ve found online? Would you prefer to see them on another device? With Reading List you can stop sending yourself links by email and easily track and manage all of the content you want to get back to later in a beautiful display. You can share content to your list from the web or from other apps and easily come back to it when you have more time. Whatever you like to read or watch, the app makes it easy to save, find and get back to things you like, listing content you’ve saved in chronological order.
• Add bookmarks from any app or Internet Explorer to keep track of things you want to get back to later
• See your list in the Windows Reading List app that is available on all Windows 8.1 devices whether you’re on your phone or PC
• Easily remove items once you’re done with them
• Search through the items in your reading list to find specific things
• Each item is shown in a rich display, showing the title, images, and what app it came from
• Categorize items. You can group together ideas about the next place you want to vacation, articles about finance, or things you want to read for work
• Filter items easily by category
• Share a set of items from your list with others
• Removed an item by mistake? Use the recently deleted section to find it

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Movie Moments:

Turn any video into a memorable moment you’ll love to share. With this app, you can trim your video to your favorite parts, highlight key moments with captions and effects, and set the mood with music.

• Pick your favorite 60 seconds. You can trim from the beginning, middle, or end.

• Highlight your favorite moments with fun, colorful captions in a range of styles.

• Add music that matches the moment. We’ve included a few songs for different moods, or you can use songs from your collection.

• When your movie is exactly how you want it, share it with family and friends right from the app.

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