Windows Dev Center

In order to help developers to effectively manage ads on Windows apps, Microsoft is introducing the new In-app ads section in Windows Dev Center. This is the developer’s one-stop shop to create and manage the ad mediation settings of the UWP and Windows 8.x ad units.

To get started, developer should be able to browse to the new In-app ads section under the Monetize section. The in-app ads dashboard will list all your ad units, along with additional details such as application name, ad unit type, mediation settings, etc.

To create a new ad unit, click on the ‘Create ad unit’ button, where you will be taken to a new page to configure the ad mediation settings for the ad unit and submit. Once created successfully, the ad unit can be found under the in-app ads dashboard.

Do note that you no longer need to start a submission to be able to create an ad unit – simply reserve your app name and you will be able to create an ad unit for it.

If you wish to change the mediation settings of an existing ad unit, simply click on the ad unit, change the settings and save.

For more information, please refer to this article.