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New Xbox One ALPHA Ring Build (1710.170925-1918) brings new features. Full Changelog

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Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 Build for those in Xbox One Alpha Preview Ring. The Build version is rs3_release_xbox_dev_1710.170925-1918 and it is available from 6:00PM PDT 9/28 (1:00AM GMT 29/9)

Coming to what this build brings, we can see new features, fixes and known issues in the changelog shared officially. This build brings many fixes and performance improvements.

Build 1710. 170925-198 Changelog:


• Avatars on Home

See your friends represented as avatars on your Home. New blocks you’ve added, callouts for games friends are playing, and more on your Home screen will now feature today’s animated avatars.

NOTE: After gathering some great feedback, we’re going to take a little more time to test and refine the experience for the redesigned, new Xbox avatars. We’re eager to hear about your new experiences testing the placement of today’s avatars on the Home screen. We’ll take your feedback to heart as we continue working on the redesigned, new Xbox avatars, and keep you updated on the roll out.


• Party Chat

Fixed an issue which could sometimes prevent users from connecting to party chat.

• Games & Apps

Resolved an issue which sometimes caused Ready to Install content to be missing.

• Notifications

You should no longer see an excessive number of unread notifications (millions or billions) in the Guide.

• Home

• Fixed an issue which sometimes caused video to crash when watching a video from the Activity Feed. • Content should now correctly display on the Mixer tab for users in Australia, New Zealand, and other Asia-Pacific regions.

• Messaging

The “Edit message text” disclaimer should no longer overlap with message text entered in the Guide.

• Sign-in

Miscellaneous fixes to resolve issues with sign-in.


Fixed an issue which sometimes caused a black screen when selecting a game from LFG.

• Guide

Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the Guide to crash when loading Recent captures.

• Profile, Clubs, and Game Hub

• Resolved an issue which could sometimes prevent users from navigating between tabs in Profile, Clubs, and Game Hub. • Resolved an issue which sometimes prompted a user with a “That didn’t work” error when accessing a Club.


• Games & Apps

• When uninstalling or hiding content from Games & Apps, the focus may disappear, preventing you from navigating within Games & Apps. Workaround: Launch the Guide, then press B to return to Games & Apps.

• Game saves may take a long time to sync. Workaround: Downloading certain game and apps (Minecraft, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) can cause this. Pause the download, then attempt to sync game saves.

• Party Chat

• Voices and audio may sound distorted or garbled.

• You may experience disconnects from party chat (dropping to game chat) with no notification.

• Backgrounds

Setting a background from recent achievement art does not function.

• Notifications

You may be unable to clear unread notifications in the Guide.

• Blu-Ray Player

3D Blu-Ray content may not correctly play in 3D.

• Sign-in

Text on the account and password sign-in screen in Arabic or Hebrew language may appear aligned on the left instead of the right side.

• Netflix When using Hebrew language, Netflix fails to launch. A fix for this issue will be available soon.

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