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New Xbox One Preview ALPHA Ring Build (1705.170611-1700) brings fixes. Changelog

source: windowsreport.com

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 Build for those in Xbox One Alpha Preview Ring. The Build version is rs2_release_xbox_1705.170611-1700 and it is available from 6:00PM PDT 6/14 (1:00AM GMT 15/6).

Coming to what this build brings, we can see a number of fixes in the changelog shared officially. It includes fixes in audio bugs with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. Check the full changelog below.

1705.170611-1700 Changelog:


• Audio

• Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause a “Check your audio receiver” error when adjusting Xbox headset audio settings. • When enabling Dolby Atmos for Home Theater (HDMI), you should no longer encounter an error that indicates your receiver does not support Dolby Atmos for Home Theater (when it does). • Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause all audio to be lost.


• Mixer

• After dismissing the virtual keyboard, attempting to relaunch the virtual keyboard may fail.

• When signing out of the Mixer app and signing in with a new user, the user who launched the app is still displayed.

• Store

Once the update is available to you, you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Updates.

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