Windows 10

Dona Sarkar on Twitter confirmed that no new build would roll out this week for Insiders on Fast, Slow or Production ring. We are not very sure when it will actually become available to the Insiders. Dona refuses to comment anything regarding the exact date of its release. She further added that a few employees will be spending times with friends and family and resume their work after from next week.

The windows team found some rollback issues that compel them to make this decision. The team will work on these issues and if they find it useful enough to release to the Insiders then and only then a new build will be rolled out. Till then Insiders have to wait and see what new features come next with the next build.

This kind of delay is nothing new to the Insiders. There were instances similar to this in the past where a new build was expected and then Windows team had to take a back seat regarding the rollout because of some unexpected bugs that are not supposed to be up for Insiders. Although the Windows team always has been very vocal since the first Insider build came into existence. The team always has something to share if they failed to live up to the expectations.