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Nokia Camera Beta vs Nokia Camera comparison. New Lumia Cyan imaging algorithms shine!


We reported that Lumia Cyan will bring new imaging algorithms resulting in updated camera sensitivity, noise reduction algorithm improvements and color management. With yesterday’s released Nokia Camera Beta you can experience the imaging improvements promised with Lumia Cyan already. While for experiencing some of the improvements with Nokia Camera Beta you need to have Lumia Cyan, other improvements like imaging algorithm improvements work fine without Lumia Cyan.

I did a small Nokia Camera vs Nokia Camera Beta imaging comparison on my Lumia 525 and as it doesn’t have a flash, the test is basically “Low light without flash” sort of comparison. Nokia Camera Beta shines in the test and you can see less noise / more clarity and more resolved details in the images with Nokia Camera Beta under similar capturing conditions. Have a look at the crops and images below.

Nokia Camera on top, Nokia Camera Beta second

Nokia Camera vs Nokia camera BetaNokia Camera Beta on left, Nokia Camera on rightNokia CameraNokia Camera Beta

Nokia CameraNokia Camera Beta Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera Beta

Nokia CameraNokia Camera BetaWe will bring daylight comparison and comparison on a PureView device like Lumia Icon between Nokia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta. So, stay tuned!!

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