Nokia / Microsoft Mobile will release much improved Nokia Creative studio 6.0 app for all Lumia devices soon. As informed over the Conversations account, with the sale start of Lumia 930, it will be released and all the devices with Nokia Creative Studio installed will get the update. Nokia Creative studio 6.0 brings,

New UI: Creative Studio 6 now presents your photo with various editing options in a menu bar alongside your image.

Dual-Capture and Reframing support:  Creative Studio 6.0 supports the dual capture, which means that you can rotate, straighten and change the aspect ratio of any image after you’ve shot it, over and over again without losing any quality.

Ten high-quality filters: The New Creative Studio makes it super easy for you to turn your shots into professional looking photographs. To get the right look we’ve worked with a professional photo studio to create ten high-quality filters, which can change the mood and feel of a photo dramatically. Finding the right one for your photo is half the fun. You’ve got these to choose from:

  • Vivid
  • Warm Caress
  • Warm Horizon
  • Retro Fade
  • Retro Cool
  • B&W Fade
  • B&W Strong
  • B&W Antique
  • Pure
  • Nightlife

Enhance Module: And if you want to make your pictures brighter, or add more color to it, you can go to the enhance module, where you can adjust brightness, shadows, clarity, vibrancy and colour tone. And if you don’t feel like adjusting it manually, we also have a very simple auto-fix feature.

Non-destructive editing: Nokia Creative Studio 6 also provides non-destructive editing. This also means that you can always revert back to your original image. You also have the option to save your edited image as a copy into your camera roll.

Enhanced Blur: We’ve also enhanced the blur functionality, and made sure that you can add circular blur or simulate the effect of a tilt-shift lens, or draw freehand which part of the image you want to blur, just like in CS 5.5. The new CS 6.0 makes this process easier and more accurate, and also non-destructive, which means you can remove the blur from your image at any time.

The articles also teases about two much-demanded features Color pop and Red-Eyes-Reduction, which are still in works and will come with Creative Studio 6.1.