Microsoft has released Office Insider Build 20092708 for Office for iOS version 2.42.

Word and Excel

Use a Pointing Device on iPad 

Connect a trackpad or mouse to your iPad and you’ll get rich visual feedback and just the right level of precision needed to enhance your productivity. 

iPad Home redesign 

Quickly get to your files in the simplified Home tab with a new appearance. The Fluent Design System is a more coherent, productive experience.  


Handwritten text converted automatically on iPad 

With iPadOS 14 and Apple Pencil, Outlook users will be able to write their emails and their handwritten message will be converted to text automatically with Scribble. You can add hand drawn illustrations or diagrams to your emails for added color and context, or you can use the pencil to write your keyword Search or by filling in the text fields to quickly schedule a meeting.  

Outlook also supports rich formatting on iPad so once your handwriting is converted to text, you can add additional structure and dimension to your email communications – just touch the symbol with pencil above your keyboard to view formatting options. Together with Outlook, the iPad has gone beyond being used solely for data consumption through reading, viewing and browsing but increasingly ideal for content creation and sharing. 

Delegate mailboxes 

Delegate mailboxes allow you to give permissions to manage your mail to someone else in your organization, allowing you to accelerate your productivity through others. Delegates can now add other mailboxes and grant permissions from Outlook mobile, allowing their delegates to send email on behalf of that mailbox.  

Open multiple windows on iPad 

 With iPadOS, you can use Apple’s Multitasking feature to open two apps at the same time. This means that you can open Outlook and Edge to copy and drag text and links to your email, helping you create and send compelling and informative emails. Microsoft is pleased to now introduce the ability to drag and drop files and photos into Outlook.  For example you can open your Photos app at the same time as Outlook for iOS on iPad to drag and drop a selection of pictures as email attachments, such as receipts to be emailed to your expense management solution

Open multiple windows on iPad.

Book a workspace 

You can now book a workspace in Outlook. Similar to how you would book a conference room, see the availability of workspaces in your building and book a seat.