Office for Mac is receiving a new update in the Beta Channel for the Office Insider Program.

Version 16.47 (21020100 & 21020300) is available for download and introduces a few new features and loads of bug fixes.


New features

  • Mail: new improved on-canvas card for spelling and grammar suggestions
Spelling and grammar suggestions card.
  • Mail: you can stop unwanted emails using Block and Phishing actions in Report Junk


  • Accounts: resolved an issue causing certain Google Accounts to fail to add to Outlook
  • Accounts: resolved an issue causing certain IMAP Accounts to not be able to send or sync email
  • Mail: new Outlook is now displayed correctly in Greek system language
  • Mail: printing multiple messages works in new Outlook
  • Calendar: single links in the location field will now open in the browser instead of the location card

Known issues

  • Add-ins added to the Toolbar are removed on next Outlook launch



  • We fixed an issue where cell value autocomplete suggestions were not matching the case (upper/lower) of the suggestion after being entered in the cell.
  • We fixed an issue where an alert about a missing add-in would unexpectedly appear when you start Excel.
  • We fixed an issue which caused the dropdown list suggesting options for the AGGREGATE function parameters to not appear when it should.
  • We fixed an issue where the cursor position would appear in the wrong spot while renaming a sheet.
  • We fixed a problem in the General preferences panel where the items were spaced too far apart, causing the panel to be larger than expected.