Office Release Notes

Microsoft has released a new Office for Mac update for those in the Office Insider Program (Beta Channel).

Office for Mac Beta Channel Version 16.44 (20111807) is available for download and introduces new features for Excel and Outlook apps.


New features

  • For the Quick Access Toolbar, you can now choose an icon for buttons that are assigned to macros. Go to Excel > Preferences > Ribbon & Toolbar, then go to the Quick Access Toolbar tab, add a macro, and press the gear icon to rename it. You’ll see a gallery of icons to choose from.
  • The formula Watch Window has recently been added to Excel for Mac. If you use “Tell Me,” it wasn’t showing up when you searched for it, and now it will show if you type “watch.” 
Watch Window in Excel.


New features

  • Calendar – Opening of Shared Calendars is now supported! Existing ones will be migrated when you switch from Old to New Outlook 
  • Automatic and Recommended Sensitivity Labels – Admin can configure sensitivity labels so that they are automatically applied to the email or Outlook can provide recommendations to the user to apply the sensitivity label.  


  • Calendar – Fixed a bug that creates duplicate event instances for series that cross DST transitions. 
  • Google Accounts – Fixed an issue where attachments are not displayed for Google Accounts.
  • Rules – Fixed an issue that does not allow creation or updates to rules even for supported accounts.
  • Add-ins – Fixed a bug where calendar events are not populated with meeting details from BlueJeans add-in.
  • Attachments – Fixed a bug where attachments are not shown in the email header when sending only to BCC recipients.
  • Nested Compose – Fixed an issue where ‘Save as’ and ‘Save as Template’ features do not work from nested compose.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Fixed an issue that prevents emails from being marked as read with the keyboard shortcut.

Known issues

  • The icons may be of the wrong size in the current IF build, but an update is expected soon.