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Office for Mac Beta (Version 16.44) release restores S/MIME encoding for emails, bug fixes; changelog

Office Release Notes

Office for Mac is receiving an update in the Beta Channel for the Office Insider Program.

Office for Mac Beta Channel Version 16.44 (20110306) is available for download and reinstates S/MIME encoding for outgoing emails and etc.


New features

  • S/MIME is available again in the latest Insider Fast build.
  • Outlook will now warn users when they have the Zoom plug-in installed and recommend the supported Zoom add-in instead.


  • Accounts – Fixed a bug where users were unable to add Google accounts to Outlook (Unsupported account error.)
  • Calendar – Fixed a bug where links within an event location field were not clickable when viewing an event.
  • Preferences – Outlook now correctly honors the language set in system preferences.
  • Preferences – When new Outlook toggle is hidden via policy, Outlook now correctly hides the Try New Outlook menu entry.
  • UI Bugs – Fixed certain Big Sur related UI issues in various parts of Outlook.
  • Accessibility – Improved AX (VoiceOver) for AutoComplete fields when no results are found.
  • IRM – Fixed a bug where new Outlook was allowing the editing of recipients in a Do-Not-Forward IRM email.

Known issues


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