Office for Mac Current Channel

Microsoft has released Office for Mac Current Channel (Preview) Build 16.45.21010502 for Office Insiders.

With the latest update, Microsoft has introduced a new feature for PowerPoint users to able to see ‘who is working with me’ alongside, when working on a shared document.


Who’s working with me? 

Easily see who else is working along with you, and where they are in the document.

Other updates


Grammar is now available in Outlook for Mac

You will now get proactive grammar suggestions in Outlook for Mac. Basic grammar suggestions are flagged as blue underlines.


Unhide multiple sheets at once

By popular request, this feature helps you unhide multiple sheets at once.


Create GIFs with transparent backgrounds

When exporting to an Animated GIF, a new option will allow you to make the background transparent.

Export animated GIF in a range

Select a range of slides when exporting to animated GIF.