Office for Mac Insider Fast

Microsoft has released Office for Mac update (Insider Fast) Version 16.43 (20101507).

Here is what is new.


New features

  • Add People to your Favorites: prioritize messages from your most important contacts by favoriting them in the People view and ordering them with the rest of your favorite folders in the Mail view.
Add People to your Favorites.
Add People to your Favorites.

Bug fixes

  • Add-ins API – Fixed a bug where the recurrence API was setting start and end times incorrectly
  • Accessibility – Fixed keyboard navigation issues with the Sidebar and task panes
  • Managed Preferences – Fixed a bug where “Try New Outlook” was visible even if EnableNewOutlook was set to zero
  • Calendar – Fixed a bug with multi-day events where the wrong days were shown
  • Calendar – Fixed a bug in new time proposal where the wrong time was getting shown

Known issues