Office Insider Windows beta channel

Microsoft has released Office for Windows update in the Beta Channel for the Office Insider Program.

Office for Windows Version 2101 (Build 13707.20008) is available for download and introduces new features for Outlook and Visio along with the bug fixes.


Share emails in Teams

You can now share emails into your Microsoft Teams chats and channels.


Premium content library now available 

The premium content library is now available in Visio. Easily insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your Microsoft Visio documents. Once they’re in place, rotate, color, and resize them with no loss of image quality. This feature is already available in other Microsoft Office apps like PowerPoint and Word. 

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Notable fixes

  • We fixed an issue where running the VBA macro ExportAsFixedFormat2 fails with an error stating “Presentation (unknown member) illegal value.”


Notable fixes

  • We fixed an issue where when a cost resource was assigned to a milestone task, baseline cost didn’t rollup correctly.