Microsoft has pushed a new office insider update for Windows Desktop. The update takes the version of office apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to Version1806 (build 9327.2006). Microsoft has also posted the release notes for all office apps.

The version 1801 for Office insider brings some fixes and improvements. You can read the changelog for individual office apps below.

Insider release notes for Outlook 2016 for Windows desktop:

What’s new

AccessNew charts to visualize data

If you’re designing forms and reports in Access, use Access’s new charts to modernize data visualization.

Try it out, and you’ll see that not only are you able to create visually appealing charts, but creating and editing experiences are user friendly and intuitive.

  • From the Design ribbon choose Insert Chart and select the chart type best matching your needs.
  • Use the Charts Settings Pane to bind the new chart to a data source and format the chart’s data series. Use the Property Sheet to set the chart’s properties and format the chart.

New Charts to Visualize Data

Notable fixes

In the table below, you’ll find key fixes in the latest Insider build.

  • We fixed an issue in track changes with table merge.
  • We fixed an issue with bulleted item font size when viewing in html.
  • We fixed a reliability issue in file open.
  • Various performance and stability fixes.
  • Various performance and stability fixes.
  • We fixed an issue where the presentation is opened in background, instead of foreground
  • We fixed an issue where an AutoSave notice would show, even when AutoSave is toggled off.
Shared across appsWe fixed an issue where pinned docs were not showing up pinned on the Home Page.  (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)