Office for Windows PC Fast Ring

Microsoft is releasing a fresh new build for Office Insiders on Fast Ring for Windows Desktop.

Version 2007 (Build 13006.20002)  is live and available for download.

Here is the complete official changelog


Get Organization Data from Power BI using Data Types 

Excel data types from Power BI are now rolling out to Insiders in organizations with Office 365 E5/A5 or Microsoft 365 E5/A5. Getting the information you need and easily refreshing it is critical to many everyday workflows. We’re giving you access to your company or organization information from Power BI as a data type in Excel, which expands your ability to bring in linked information in your spreadsheets. 

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Notable fixes 

  • We fixed an issue where the major gridlines of radar charts could not be formatted correctly.


Notable fixes 

  • We fixed an issue where the ability to clear formatting within the Comments pane via the Clear Formatting button in the Office Ribbon was not working.
  • We fixed an issue where changing the size of a table when the ruler is not displayed caused other applications running in the background to start flashing.
  • We fixed an issue where if Word had a list of more than 50 frequently opened documents, then after saving and opening a document, a revision history would be displayed even though no revisions were made to that document.


Notable fixes  

  • We fixed an issue where a baseline reset or update could change time-phased budget cost/work resources and the baseline could reflect incorrect budget values.
  • We fixed an issue where the ProjectBeforeTaskChange event didn’t fire when there was a change to the project summary task, either the project start/task field.


Notable fixes 

  • We fixed an issue that caused Microsoft Access to fail to identify an Identity Column in a linked SQL Server table, which could cause rows to be reported as deleted incorrectly.