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Microsoft refines Office.com web experience for better collaboration


Microsoft has announced the first major upgrade to Office.com home page experience. With this update, Microsoft is keen to provide users a better way to collaborate and work together with minimum effort.

The update is rolling out to gradually and will continue through early 2017. The update provides a revamped interface where you can quickly get access to recent files and folders. Navigation through the suite of apps has also been simplified so you can get back to your work faster.

In case you are not aware, Office 365 is already available in 150 countries and 44 languages.

Here are some of the major features of this update:

  • Navigate to apps quickly
  • Get back to your online documents
  • Know what’s coming up
  • Stay on top of tasks

As you get familiar, the Office.com web interface automatically organizes the app tiles for you. However, you will be not able to re-order or re-size the app tiles just yet, but Microsoft may add the feature in the future updates.

If you want to learn more and in-depth about the features mentioned above, head to this page

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