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Microsoft has released a fresh new Office update for Windows for Office Insiders on Current Channel (Preview).

Version 2009 (Build 13231.20126) is now rolling out and introduces new Application Guard feature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Enterprise.

Application Guard for Office is a security feature for enterprise customers that isolates untrusted documents in a virtualized sandbox to protect the user if a document is malicious. A user can work with an untrusted document in Application Guard and be productive without putting their data, device, or identity at risk.   

Application Guard for Office

Word, Outlook 

Introducing Editor Text Predictions 

Editor Text Predictions help users write more efficiently by predicting text quickly, timely and accurately. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammar errors in Outlook and Word. To accept the suggestion, just press the Tab key.

Image of Text Predictions feature.


Handwrite data in with the Excel Action Pen 

You can now enter data with your pen in Excel for Windows Desktop. The Action Pen in Excel will help you handwrite directly in the cells and allow you to jot down data with ink that gets automatically converted to Excel data.   

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GIF of pen in Excel.


Receive suggestions when searching by person 

As you type your search terms in Outlook, you’ll receive the most relevant emails surfaced in the suggestions.