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Outlook app on Android and iOS devices gets Add & edit contacts features with latest update

source: office blog

Microsoft today detailed some new features coming to Outlook app on Android and iOS devices. The new features are targeted for the contacts management on the app.

With the latest update for the app will allow users to create new contacts right from the Outlook app. Moreover, users can also edit their existing contacts with the app itself. Previously users had to go online on Outlook.com and they make the changes to the contacts, But with the help of latest update, this things are going to change.

To create new contact just like on the web, the user has to click on ‘+’ sign, fill all the required information and done. The changes will automatically sync to the Outlook web and will be available across the devices.

Additionally, the company also announced support for Google contacts in the app. Enabling users to import their Google contacts to outlook right from the app and managing them on outlook app.

The company also made some drastic changes on the UI of the contact card. The new contact is more powerful and informative showing some important information like recent email conversations, shared attachments and also upcoming meetings with that specific contacts.

The new features are out for iOS users and soon will be available for Android users. Make sure that you grab the Outlook app from the following store.

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