payment request api

In December last year, Microsoft announced the Payment Request API with the goal of enabling simpler checkout and payments on the web on Windows 10 PCs and Phones. Today, Microsoft is announcing the new Payment Request API for Windows 10 UWP apps.

With the new digital integrated solution, you as a customer can bypass the complicated process of requiring a user to input payment information and select shipping methods. As the Payment Request API connects to Microsoft Wallet (with the user’s permission), this allows seamless and secure access to payment information associated with the user’s Microsoft Account.

Because payment information is securely saved in a digital wallet, shoppers don’t have to navigate through traditional checkout flows and repeatedly enter the same payment and shipping address information repeatedly. The wallet can provide a faster and more consistent experience across websites, which saves shoppers time and effort by allowing them to securely share saved payment information.

What the Payment Request API for UWP Apps Enables

The Payment Request API for UWP apps, based on the W3C Payment Request API spec, gives app developers the ability to streamline the checkout process in their UWP apps. It does so by allowing users to speed through the checkout process, by using payment options and shipping addresses, already saved with their Microsoft account. You can increase conversion and reduce your risk of data breaches because the payment information is tokenized. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, users can pay with their saved payment options freely throughout experiences in Windows including in UWP apps or on the web via the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Payment Request API for UWP app is now available for developers starting today, with the OS Build 15003 and SDK version 15003.

For more information on how to use the API, please visit here and visit this page for documentation