PowerToys on Windows

Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.35.0 which includes a bunch of new features including the quick swap functionality for custom layouts/FancyZones using hotkeys, DirectShow migration for Video Conference Mute and more.

With this update, the application will require a user to be running Windows 10 v1903 or greater in order to run properly.

Here is the full changelog.


  • PowerToys will start requiring Windows 10 v1903 or greater after 0.35.x release. The v1 settings, which supports older Windows versions, will be removed in 0.37.
    • Note: We may be able to bring back support when we migrate to WinUI3 but as of now, we will be increasing the minimum version of Windows to 1903 or greater.
  • Localization corrections
  • Improved GitHub report bug template.
  • Increased .NET Core to 3.1.13
  • Fixed installer ‘run as user’ regression

Color Picker


  • Added hotkeys and quick swap functionality for custom layouts! Users can now assign a hotkey in the editor and use it to quickly set a desktop’s zones with Ctrl + Win + Alt + NUMBER key binding, or by pressing the hotkey while dragging a window.
  • UX updates. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Fixed zone placement algorithm for when the Taskbar is vertical
  • Bug fixes

PowerToys Run

  • Users can specify where to show the launcher window. Thanks @addrum!
  • New plugin added to support opening previously used Visual Studio Code workspaces, remote machines (SSH or Codespaces), and containers! When enabled, use { to query for available workspaces. Thanks @ricardosantos9521! Please note, this plugin is off by default.
  • Shell history now saves the raw command instead of the resolved command. A command like %appdata% would now save in the Shell history as is instead of C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming. Thanks @mayitbeegh!
  • Better logging to try to track down some bugs
  • Bug fixes

Video Conference Mute (Experimental)

  • Tracking work remaining at issue #7944
  • Goal is to have 0.36 experimental release week of April 5th (Yes, we’ve stated this before, we know)