Microsoft has today announced Preview builds of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. The preview for Windows 10 consists of three channels: Canary Channel which is updated daily, Dev channel which is updated weekly and Beta channel that will be updated every six months.

You can download the Canary/Dev channel builds now by going to the download page. Follow the page link provided below.

Page link

Today we’re embarking on the next step in this journey – our first Canary and Developer builds are ready for download on Windows 10 PCs. Canary builds are preview builds that will be updated daily, while Developer builds are preview builds that will be updated weekly. Beta builds will come online in the future. Support for Mac and all supported versions of Windows will also come over time.

In these first builds we are very much focused on the fundamentals and have not yet included a wide range of feature and language support that will come later. You’ll start to see differences from the current Microsoft Edge including subtle design finishes, support for a broader selection of extensions and the ability to manage your sign-in profile. We look forward to people starting to kick the tires and will be refining the feature set over time based on the feedback we receive.

The page also reveals that Microsoft Edge preview builds are coming for Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. You can register to get notified for arrival of preview builds for other version of Windows.