You can now get a free digital copy of State of Decay 2 with the purchase of an Xbox one X console via Microsoft store. State of Decay 2 is an action-adventure game which was released on 22nd May and developed by Microsoft Studios. As the name suggests, this instalment of the game is a successor to State of Decay which was released back in 2013.

State of Decay 2 is also available on Xbox game pass. That means you can play the game on your PC if you have an Xbox game pass. The game is fully capable of running on a 4K HDR monitor if you have one.

Besides the fact that the game actually comes free with an Xbox one X, it is priced at $29.99USD for a standard edition and $49.99USD for an Ultimate edition. Both the editions have similar control and features, with Ultimate edition consumer will have early access to the full game four days before the standard release date, a code for the original State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, and codes for two add-on content packs.

Here are some of the interesting features of State of Decay 2:

RPG Progression:
Develop each Survivor’s skill to improve their capabilities and strengthen your community.

Four player co-op multiplayer:
Play solo or play up with up to 3 friends to explore an open world filled with dynamic zombies, human enemies and the valuable gear necessary to keep your community alive.

Please note:
4K Ultra HD version is not available on the Xbox One or Xbox one S consoles.

You can buy Xbox one X by clicking here

Purchase State of Decay 2 by clicking on this link