Microsoft Surface Pro 6 devices are reportedly facing some issues after installing the latest firmware update. The latest firmware update 239.3101.139.0, as first pointed out by a Reddit user, is causing the following issues on Surface Pro 6 devices.

  • ¬†Due to a faulty BDPROCHOT reading, the device can be stuck at 400 mhz after charge. A modern computer stuck at 400 mhz is unusable
  • The battery reading is broken. When the power state changes, it can be stuck at 100%. A mobile device that cannot give battery states is unusable on the go

” Mine has the issue too. Plopping the charger in and out doesn’t always seem to fix it. Sometimes I have to reboot to unstuck the CPU,” wrote another user on Reddit.

Microsoft, however, yet to give an official statement on the issue.

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