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Rocket League joins Xbox Game Pass


Rocket League is a great game with the combination of action and sports. Now finally you can enjoy the game absolutely free of cost if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. We have earlier seen a rapid influx of games into the Xbox Game Pass subscription and will continue to see this in future which is not at all surprising as UBISOFT CEO recently said that cloud gaming would replace consoles.

Rocket League is currently available at $19.99 which itself is a great deal. And now after joining the Xbox Game Pass, obviously it will reach out to more people.

For the players out there who are already a part of our dedicated and passionate community, thank you for continuing to make Rocket League a great multiplayer experience on Xbox One. As part of Xbox Game Pass, our current players can purchase our DLC for a discounted price, so now’s the best time to get the Rocket League DLC cars you’ve been waiting on. -Scott Rudi, GAme Director, Rocket League

You can check out for more information in the official Xbox official blog post here.

Download Rocket League from here.

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