Samsung has released the 3rd preview of Tizen .NET application framework with improved Visual Studio Tools for developing Tizen applications. In case you don’t know, Samsung in collaboration with Microsoft is working on .NET open-source projects such as .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms since last November, and has already introduced a few preview versions of Tizen .NET to help developers build better apps.

Here is what is new in third preview of Tizen .NET

The third preview allows you to create self-contained applications that will run on Tizen devices without pre-installed .NET runtime. Visual Studio Tools for Tizen also features two new tools: Log Viewer and Device Manager. The former helps developers debug their application by capturing all the events logged by the platform and the application; the latter provides information about connected Tizen devices and emulators for application debugging, and improves tools that were introduced in previous previews.


From left to right: Log Viewer, Device Manager


The third preview enables a large number of Tizen’s multimedia features such as Camera, Wave Player, Tone Player, Media Streaming and Screen Mirroring. Developers also have access to other Tizen platform-specific features such as Messages, Bluetooth, Voice Control, Input Method and FIDO (Fast IDentity Online).


In addition, Tizen.Xamarin.Forms.Extension allows developers to enhance their applications with rich UI components such as buttons, popups, grids and calendar views.

Going Forward, Samsung will release the first public version of Tizen .NET in May and also plans to begin shipping Tizen devices with .NET capabilities later in 2017.

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