Bi0ykODCUAAopW-Samsung ATIV SE aka Samsung Huron which was first revealed as SM-W750V has shown itself yet again in pres render. evleaks had leaked a render of the device earlier as well. But, the leaked render this time also shows the home-screen and back and search buttons and surprisingly it seems Samsung has till opted for hardware touch buttons.


It will be Samsung’s first 1080p display Windows Phone, and is supposed to have a 5-inch display.  It passed through FCC sometime back and we could find the size specs of the device. With a size of 136×69 mm, it can easily support a 5-inch display, as Samsung Galaxy S4 has similar size specs at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm.

The device has quad-core Snapdragon processor & Adreno 305 GPU as reported by us earlier from GFXBench.

It looks like a Verizon-bound device as per the FCC certifications, but since it was under testing in India, so a global launch may be on the cards as well.