Slack has guided its team collaboration tool to Windows Store, thanks to Microsoft’s project Centennial.

Slack’s win32 app is already on windows desktop, is now available to download from the store as a modern app for Windows 10 for PC.

Slack has incorporated its modern app with some neat features like Live tiles, toast notifications and a different title bar.

slack app for windows store

There are some good advantages with the store apps like seamless updates,  easier install/uninstall experience,  and moreover, it is a bit faster than its win32 counterpart.

What’s New (v2.4.0.0)

  • The shades of gray in our menu bar were so 1992 — they didn’t match any of our outfits. So: we went shopping for a new window frame. This one matches your theme, and comes with a free hamburger*! *menu.
  • We discovered that removing a bunch of unnecessary processes improved app startup time. Who knew? Less really is more. Or at least, less is more-faster. Or should that be fewer? Whatever: It’s better.
  • We simplified the way we remember your teams and app settings. This shouldn’t affect much, aside from some bugs wherein we forgot your teams or app settings, which are now fixed.
  • For the savvy troubleshooter, a new tool: Help > Show Logs in Explorer will package up some app diagnostic files, should you ever need them.


  • Our zoom levels now match the Chrome browser, so you should feel right at home (so long as your home is Chrome).
  • An infrequent crash when quitting the app has been dispatched.
  • A slightly more frequent crash while checking for updates; eliminated.
  • Signing out of teams from the right-click menu is 46.8% more reliable.
  • And finally, if you had multiple displays, new windows (such as a call or a Post) would appear on the primary display instead of the display that Slack was on. Rather than submit this to a physics journal for peer review, we decided to fix it. All is as it should be.

If you want to give this app a try, download it from Windows Store below.

Price: Free