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Some Free Indie games worth your attention. MyAppFree updated with Transparent Live Tile


MyAppfreeThe MyAppFree app, which brings a daily free apps / games deal to you on your Windows Phone has been updated with transparent live tile and support for push notifications for Windows Phone 8.1 running devices. There is a bit of change in look and feel of the App as well.

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Now something for Windows phone gamers!! There are some free Indie games titles worth your attention.

Harmony Isle:

Build beautiful villas and mansions for your villagers to live in. Commission museums, bars and theatres for them to enjoy. Throw banquets and parties to keep everyone smiling!

Whether you prefer zen gardens to bars, or cinemas to parks, you can shape Harmony Isle in your own unique style.

As your thriving community expands you’ll soon notice there’s more to Harmony Isle than meets the eye. Woodland shrines shrouded in mist, statues hidden in the woods – who built them? And what happens if you restore them to their former glory?

Solve these mysteries and harness the natural power of the island to discover the ultimate secret to blending science, nature and society in perfect Harmony!


•See your island in beautiful 3D and show off your town on your screen in all its glory!
•Countless ways to build your perfect town – choose from stately homes, sweeping promenades, cute cottages, delicious delis and more!
•Carefully balance the forces of nature, science and society with the Harmony meter. The greater the Harmony the greater the rewards!
•Fun quests to explore, from solving island mysteries to throwing lavish parties for the whole town.
•Daily rewards you’ll want to return to every single day.
Colourful Easter makeover! NEW mini games! Harmony Isle gets a vibrant Easter theme and fun new features. Turn your roads into racetracks and win gold by betting on races! Use the new seed tapper to plant different types of seeds and nurture them into huge, beautiful plants!


Adventure into mysterious lands, battle dangerous monsters and collect heaps of epic loot! Explore the world of Pylon, a classic and robust Action RPG! Enjoy fluid combat, diverse abilities and a variety of expansive environments packed with creatures, treasure and more…

Pylon fuses lightning fast Hack ‘n Slash combat with tactical gameplay. Switch between three different classes, all with the same character. Or, create a hybrid class and customize it with a wide array of special combat skills and abilities, then upgrade them!

Equip and wield a variety of Weapons and Armor, each with different uses in gameplay. Duel-wield wands and swords, heft a shield or smash enemies with huge maces! Socket magical armors with powerful gems loaded with countless combinations of bonuses and enhancements.

Pylon is a story-driven, fantasy ARPG. Take up arms as reluctant mercenary Jane as she follows questionable demands from Neznarf, an aged scholar bent on recovering a powerful artifact. The adventure begins outside Picador’s Parish, a small hovel of artisans and peasants. Resting in wilderness surrounding the Parish, ancient stone Pylons sit untouched as bygone relics of a lost age, until now…

Dragon Revenge:

Burn it all! Destroy everything! Crush your enemies! Take back your gold!
Why? Because you can. You are the Dragon. And this is your revenge…

– unlimited number of levels. how much of them will you burn?
– countless enemies to incinerate. sounds like somebody can have some fun
– freedom of flight. wanna get to the clouds? just do it.
– 7 unique abilities for different tactics… or simply burn everything down
– impressive, nice art & music is rocking awesome
– you’re the dragon who’s sure, all that glitters is gold. take it back
– get stronger, faster, better, harder and bring more destruction to the world
– bored of thoughtless destruction? we have missions for you!
– just be a dragon. just revenge.

Skelly Rider:

Release notes
– Pets added to game

Skelly Rider is an endless runner game with elements of RPG (role-playing game), where you are controlling Skelly that is riding on the mount. This time Skelly is trying to escape from a big tyrannosaurus who is terrorizing the land.

While running from dinosaur and avoiding obstacles, you have to collect gold, which can be spent on unlocking new outstanding outfits and more powerful mounts!
Fly as far as possible, explore new lands, and face new dangers.
Collect gold, unlock mounts, and compete with players on global leaderboards!
Discover and unlock weird Slime mounts, that has unique control system.

Game offers:
– Many powerful and unique mounts
– Dangerous lands
– Hundred of thousands outfit combinations
– Leveling system
– Possibility to make a builds with 5 statistics
– Achievements & Leaderboards


Bike Mania is back! More RICH, DYNAMIC and FRUSTRATINGLY CHALLENGING than ever before.

More than 100 STUNNING LEVELS! Brand new and more detailed than ever.

HD ENVIRONMENTS. 3 rich new worlds to rip apart! Aztec, Pyramid, and Industrial Zones!

These are THE MOST CHALLENGING BIKE MANIA LEVELS YET. They’re also the most fun we’ve ever made.

Brand new DYNAMIC engine. Tricky moving terrain. Including Swinging bridges, moving platforms and falling boulders!

Super realistic Ragdoll Physics – your rider is Alive! Throw him around to find out!


RIDE IN STYLE!! – configure your bike exactly as you like it. With new Bike chassis’, Wheels, Helmets and Rider Suits!

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