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Sticky Notes Scored Major Update On Windows 10


Microsoft today rolled out a new major update for Sticky notes on Windows 10. The version 1.1.7 has packed with significant fixes for the bugs which were reported by number of users. If you don’t know, Microsoft has implemented many new features in sticky notes with the Windows 10 Anniversary update making them more “genius” and helpful. They have implemented Cortana, Windows maps and many other apps behind notes.

Sticky notes

A brand new Sticky Notes for Windows has arrived! Thanks to a new and improved design, added intelligence and Pen support, it is now easier than ever to quickly capture and add context to all your notes.

• Create Sticky Notes – A simple and smart design that makes capturing your all your notes – small and big – easy, quick and fun.
• One click access – Access your Sticky Notes with just a click of your Surface Pen to bring up the Windows 10 Ink Workspace.
• Type or write, the choice is yours – Use your Surface Pen with Sticky Notes to capture your ideas in your very own handwriting or if you prefer to type, tap away.
• Create Cortana Reminders – Never forget a note again with Cortana. Simply jot down a time or date with your note and it will be highlighted. You can then tap on it to create a Cortana reminder.
• Added intelligence – Get to where you need to go with one click. Sticky Notes detects addresses, emails and cell numbers so all you have to do is tap the highlighted text to open Maps, Mail or Skype.
• Track your flights & stocks – Keep an eye on an upcoming flight or stock option by typing a flight No. or stock ticker with ‘$’ at the front. Bing then delivers the information you need to your note.

Below is full change log for latest update

What’s new in latest update
• A number of users have reported a serious problem where the app does not boot. This has been fixed.
• Additionally, StickyNotes would often crash when entering input using a Korean IME. This has also been addressed.
• If you’ve upgraded from a previous version of Windows, you may have been struck by the new default font size and window sizing in the new experience. Based on your feedback, we’ve taken steps to improve the experience and tweaked both the default font and window size to be smaller. Please keep the feedback coming!

The update has been live on store. Hit following link to grab it from store.

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