Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in order to gain some revenue from it. Since the acquisition, the company is trying to make this app even better everyday with new features and improvements.

Now the company has partnered with Keith Ladzinski who is a professional photographer for National Geographics. Here had already worked with channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel and ABC. The partnership has brought us 12 new and exclusive pictures of landscapes around the world. The images will be used in SwiftKey as themes.

Along with this, three company now let’s you uploaded or use your own image as a theme on the SwiftKey keyboard. The update is now immediately available for download on platforms like Android and iOS.

For Android users:

Android users will also find that they can customize whether or not their keyboard has borders on the keys, as well as whether or not symbols and secondary characters. Go for a more minimal, streamlined look or keep all the borders for a look that’s uniquely yours. To get started with Photo Themes, open ‘SwiftKey Settings’ and click on the ‘Themes’ tab on SwiftKey for Android.

For iOS users:

iOS users can also customize the color of their keys, which will show when pressed. To start customizing your keyboard with these new features, open the SwiftKey app and select design.