With Surface line of products, Microsoft has had a huge success so far. Even so the redmond giant has been posting regular ads aimed at the rival products like Apple MacBook describing how its own Surface line are superior in terms of performance and other enticing or exclusive features like Windows Ink, Windows Hello etc.

What Microsoft wants to achieve is to lure in more and more of its rival users and hand them a Surface product while at the same time make sure the upgrade process or may be what we call switching platforms becomes an easy task, so that when giving up on their Mac, all their data stays intact and a little effort is required to make the transition safe and easy.

And that is why, Microsoft has silently released an application called Surface Migration Assistant or Mac to Surface Assistant that guides Mac users transfer chosen data on to their newly purchased Surface Book or even a Surface Pro etc.

Surface Migration Assistant


If you are done with your MacBook and planning to make a swicth, be sure to grab the tool beforehand from the link below.

Download the tool