T-Mobile, carrier with the exclusive rights to sell Alcatel Idol 4S has reportedly discontinued the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone from its range. This comes as a mild shocker, as Alcatel Idol 4S Windows 10 version was widely considered to be a capable device priced quite competitively. In US, Alcatel even offers free VR goggle with Idol 4S.

It became available on T-Mobile in November 2016 and later at Microsoft Store. A quick search on T-Mobile website shows no Windows Phone available in its range. The smartphone was only launched in US till now and TCL has confirmed its plans to bring Idol 4S to Europe as Idol 4 Pro.

As per the source of this report, T-Mobile confirmed discontinuation of Alcatel Idol 4S but claimed to get a new Alcatel or other Windows 10 Mobile smartphone.

For its part, T-Mo has confirmed the removal of the Idol 4S from its official website was deliberate, crushing hopes of a return while tactfully claiming it could “get another Alcatel or Windows phone to replace that one.”

That may certainly raise our hopes for Alcatel Idol 5S, Android version of which has already appeared in many leaks. But, it needs to be seen whether Alcatel will make Idol 5S with Windows 10 as much decent a package as Alcatel Idol 4S was.

In case you still want to buy one in US, you can still buy one from Microsoft Store for $400.

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