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IDC’s Q3 report gives Windows Phone 5% of Indian smartphone market share.

The IDC's Q3 2013 report for Indian smartphone market gives 5% market share to Windows Phone. It puts Nokia as the 4th largest smartphone vendor. These stats actually don't do justice to kind of popularity...

Windows Phone crosses 10% market share in Europe & closes in to iOS (15.8%)....

Great news coming from Europe for Windows Phone. The sales share has for the first time crossed 10%. This data is for 3 months to October 2013. The data also highlights how Windows phone...

Adduplex Windows Phone highlights & trends for the month of November 2013.

Time for some stats analysis to find out the Windows Phone trend for the month of November, courtesy to Adduplex's data. Lumia 520's share is on rapid rise and now it touches 26.5% of overall...


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