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Time for some stats analysis to find out the Windows Phone trend for the month of November, courtesy to Adduplex’s data.

  • Lumia 520’s share is on rapid rise and now it touches 26.5% of overall WP installed base
  • Worth mentioning are Lumia 920 which still manages 2nd rank, Lumia 625 and Lumia 521 which make an entry to the pie chart.
  • If we add Lumia 520 and 521 share, Lumia 520 now commands 30% of installed base.
  • Also while Lumia 925 shows itself in chart for WP8 devices, Lumia 1020 is nowhere to be seen. Damn that pricing!


  • Coming to vendors, Nokia is now at 90% of WP installed base. Dominance!


  • While it is Lumia 520 at top with very big share of sold WP devices for most of the markets including US, there are two markets Germany and Australia where Lumia 920 is either neck to neck or has more share than Lumia 920.



  • In US, MetroPCS And T-Mobile now account for more WP share than ever thanks to Lumia 521.


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Source: Adduplex