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18% of WP8 devices run GDR3. 12 top Windows Phone from Nokia.

[email protected] has posted his Windows Phone stat teasers for January and time to have a quick look. Seems, GDR3 is already on 18% of Windows Phone 8 devices. It seems less, but the thing...

Windows Phone highlights & trends from Adduplex data for December.

Adduplex has released its Windows Phone stats report for December and below are highlight and trends identified from the data. Domination for Nokia and Lumia 520 marching towards domination: Nokia takes 92.1% of the Windows Phone...

Adduplex Windows Phone highlights & trends for the month of November 2013.

Time for some stats analysis to find out the Windows Phone trend for the month of November, courtesy to Adduplex's data. Lumia 520's share is on rapid rise and now it touches 26.5% of overall...

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