Adduplex has released its Windows Phone stats report for December and below are highlight and trends identified from the data.

Domination for Nokia and Lumia 520 marching towards domination:

Nokia takes 92.1% of the Windows Phone 8 Global vendor share. Domination indeed!!


Lumia 520 is at nearly 44% (including Lumia 521) of Windows Phone 8 devices share and still growing.


China still has Lumia 920 in lead & sees good growth for Lumia 925:

China looks like the only covered market which has Lumia 920 still leading the Windows Phone devices chart. Lumia 925 has also seen good growth in China. Though Windows Phone still doesn’t enjoy very good market share in China as revealed by sources like KWP.


Windows Phone 8 now at 78.3% of the overall Windows Phone share:

As the overall WP installed base grows, it will be tougher for Windows Phone 8 to grow impressively % wise. It is all mathematics, right? But volume wise it may be different story and we will certainly bring some prediction for you, later.


T-Mobile crosses Verizon as 2nd top Windows phone vendor:

Thanks to absence of any Lumia 520 variant at Verizon, T-Mobile has displaced it from 2nd top vendor rank in US market.


Lumia 520 and 521 are dominating US device’s chart. We may very soon hear about volume of Lumia device surging in Q4.



Source: Adduplex