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[Video] How to enable/disable Fluent Design effects in Windows 10

Project Neon (Fluent Design) is making rounds all around the internet and is the latest visual design treat that Microsoft is working on for to make Windows 10 more appealing. With Redstone 3 or...

Microsoft introduces “Microsoft Fluent Design System” aka Project Neon. Watch intro video

Project Neon, the next design philosophy from Microsoft has got wide coverage everywhere and we saw it coming to many native Windows 10 UWP apps too. But seems Microsoft has a different official name...
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Project NEON covers up more Windows 10 apps as Build 2017 approaches

We have already reported about some of the apps which recently embraced the Project NEON blur or translucency and look fresh with cool new animations/effects. Apps including Groove Music, Windows Maps, People etc. to...

Windows 10 Mobile gets first Neon love in UWP Maps update.

While Microsoft has been updating native Windows 10 apps on PC with Project Neon elements, Mobile apps were left behind. That changes with latest Maps app update. Windows 10 UWP Maps app has been...

Watch this interesting One Windows for All devices concept with redesigned UI (Project Neon)

We have been posting many Windows 10 Mobile concepts in past and some of them were really very cool. Nowadays we hear more about convergence of all forms of Windows to "OneCore" both officially...

New Windows 10 Mobile concept has redesigned UI with elements from Project Neon

The debate over "Whether Windows 10 Mobile is dead" won't be settled until the time when Build numbers for Redstone 3 are aligned across PC and Mobile. But that doesn't stop Windows 10 Mobile...

Windows 10 Redstone 3 may bring Transparent Tiles under Project Neon

Windows 10 Start Screen may wear a new look with Redstone 3. Leaked screenshots of what appears to be Redstone 3 Start Screen reveal "Transparent Tiles". This may be one of the UI changes...

Surface Pro 5 name & image shows up in two places. Neon also finds...

Surface Pro 5, the successor to Surface Pro 4 has been part of many rumors already. There is very strong possibility that Microsoft will launch it along with Windows 10 Creators update somewhere in...

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