Windows 10 Start Screen may wear a new look with Redstone 3. Leaked screenshots of what appears to be Redstone 3 Start Screen reveal “Transparent Tiles”. This may be one of the UI changes that Redstone 3 may bring by implementing Project Neon design language.

We have earlier reported about Project Neon design language now appearing in latest updated apps like Movies & TV and Groove Music.

Redstone 3 is tipped to be focused on Mobile devices and we have already heard rumors about couple of new features that it may bring. It may also bring two new Windows 10 Mobile architectures: ARM64 and X86, we reported exclusively. Yet another rumor claims that it will be Version 1711, indicating its release in Nov / Dec 2017.

Here is the first leaked screenshot that only shows the transparency in start tiles.

Here is the full Start Screen screenshot from Redstone 3 (most probably)