Windows 10 Mobile / PC Redstone 3 may be the one major update that matters for Mobile devices, after abysmally low focus in Redstone 2 on Mobile. We have earlier reported that Redstone 3 is targeted at later part of 2017 and that Microsoft may be planning to bring some new Mobile hardware with it. Now, we have some tidbits about Redstone 3 from our sources.

Windows 10 Mobile / PC Redstone 3 timelines & version:

Redstone 3 may be known as versions 1711 and it hints about a probable November release timeline for PC version. Mobile version may come after 1-2 months. So, expect Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 3 release by January – February 2018.

First Redstone 3 build has already been compiled by Microsoft in form of Build 15141. This build has been seen on BuildFeed.

Windows 10 Mobile / PC Redstone 3 expected new features:

True OneCore / Composable Shell:

We hear that with Redstone 3 we will see further merger of Windows versions. The concept of OneCore will take prominence and Windows will be able to adapt at whatever form factor you throw at it. It will be possible because of a new core feature called “Composable Shell”.

Neon Design Language:

Apart from these two we can expect a new design language “Neon”. Developers too will be able to use Neon design language in their UWP apps. Here is an image of Neon design language from Microsoft’s official presentation.

Other features & changes (Windows 10 Mobile):

  • 3rd Party Keyboards
  • Interactive Cortana to Navigation bar

We will keep this article updated, as we come to know more about new Redstone 3 features and changes.