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Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program

Microsoft expands digital gifting to include apps and Avatar items in Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has always been a subject of criticism, the reason being some people did not get the point of a store on a PC. Nevertheless, the company took the risk and improved the...

Cortana reveals all her Avatars. Nokia updates App Folder for Windows Phone 8.1.

We can normally notice few of Cortana avatars while in action. If you still don’t have Cortana on your device, with help of our hand-on demo and tutorial video you can enable her, if...

Cortana may arrive with support for 15 languages. To have both Male & Female...

We have reported so much about “Cortana” the voice-assistant which Windows Phone will get with Windows Phone 8.1 update. You can catch more about her in separate Cortana section in our massive changelog as...

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