We have reported so much about “Cortana” the voice-assistant which Windows Phone will get with Windows Phone 8.1 update. You can catch more about her in separate Cortana section in our massive changelog as well. From all the leaks it becomes clear that Cortana is going to be one intelligent assistant, something Microsoft has hinted about sometime back. The same interview had hinted that Virtual-assistant may have both male and female avatars and this gains more force with presence of both male and female voice files in the Cortana’s “Grammar folders” in the SDK.

Below is the folder for US-EN language and you can see voice files Mark, Zira and Kate. So, Cortana may speak in male or female voices offering flexibility for both genders.


Similar is the case with India and you have Heera (Female) and Ravi (Male) voice files.

There are similar files for other languages as well. Cortana seems will arrive with support for 15 languages In total, which looks remarkable in face of many rumors claiming only US language support at launch. Below screenshot shows languages it may support,