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More revealed about Notification Center management in Windows Phone 8.1

Some of slides posted on Twitter from Microsoft’s Confidential documentation, reveal more about how the developers and users can handle notifications in Action Center on Windows Phone 8.1. Devs can remove, tag, group notifications or replace with a new one. They can also set when the notification expires. They can also enable

Many Windows Phone 8.1 leaked SDK hands-on videos!

If you ever wished to see the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK in action in hands-on videos, then you are in for a treat. WindowsPhoneLovers, who is patiently leaking one after another Windows Phone 8.1 features on Facebook, has now posted many videos of the SDK in hands-on action. Watch

This is how Cortana will greet you! Cortana’s icon pack extracted. Language change possible.

A lot about Cortana has been leaked by many sources since yesterday. So, we reported a bit yesterday and time for much more now, Cortana Animations : (Circle) *Abashed *Alert *Bouncy *Calm *Considerate *Elated *Greeting1,2,3,4 *Listening1 *Need More *Intro *Optimistic *Reminder *Satisfied *Sensitive *Speaking *Thinking Cortana’s full icon pack extracted: Cortana’s language can be changed: And last but not least, this is how Cortana will greet you: It seems Cortana can