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Cortana available for Windows Insiders in Japan, Australia, Canada & India now

Good news for Windows Insiders in Japan, Australia, Canada & India now!! Microsoft has made Cortana available on Windows 10 Build 10532 in these markets. As we shared in July, we have been working very...

Windows 10 Build 10532 screenshots Gallery, changes & First impressions

Time to have a look at the latest Windows 10 build, Build 10532 screenshots and read our first hands-on impressions of the build. Build 10532 impressions: After some hands-on time with the Build 10532 we can...

Microsoft Edge HTML5 score jumps with Build 10532. Other changes.

With the latest Windows 10 Preview build, Build 10532, Microsoft Edge has gained impressive performance improvements and many changes to show off. The HTML5 score has jumped to 435 from the previous best of...

Windows 10 Build 10532: Known Issues

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 Bulild 10532 to Windows Insiders and while the build brings some new changes and features, it does have some known issue that you may like to know before...

Windows 10 Build 10532 released to insiders. Changelog.

Microsoft has released Windows 10's new build, Build 10532 to Windows Insiders in Fast Ring and as we write the post our PC is downloading and installing this update. Good news is that this...

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