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Redesigned Windows 11 Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail & Calendar apps available now for insiders

Microsoft has made the redesigned for Windows 11 apps Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail & Calendar available for insiders in Dev channel. These updated apps will be included in the final Windows 11 or Windows...

Windows 10 Calculator app adds Currency Conversion with latest update

Calculator app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile has received an update in the Windows Store. The latest update adds a very useful and handy feature for people who are always busy when it...

Windows 10 Calculator app updated with Fluent Design (Blur) on Production Ring.

Microsoft has pushed an update for Calculator app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile in the Windows Store for Production Ring, The latest update brings visual design changes or the fluent design blur along with...
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Project NEON covers up more Windows 10 apps as Build 2017 approaches

We have already reported about some of the apps which recently embraced the Project NEON blur or translucency and look fresh with cool new animations/effects. Apps including Groove Music, Windows Maps, People etc. to...

Calculator+ for Windows Phone goes free as myAppFree app of the day

The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is Calculator+. ThiĀ  is a great replacement for your existing Windows Phone calculator. This app allows ordinary and scientific calculations....

Windows 10 Outlook Mail, Office Mobile & Calculator apps updated

Outlook Mail & Calendar, Office Mobile apps suite & native Windows 10 calculator app has received updates on Windows 10 too. Similar to Windows 10 Mobile while there is no visible changes in case...

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