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How to customize your start menu in Windows 10 : Watch the video

Windows 10 is one of the best Windows iterations of Microsoft.  With the great customization capabilities and other feature the OS's global usage rate increases day by day. All of you are familiar with...

Windows 10 Video How Tos: Transparent Menu, Start Screen, Colors & Lock Screen customization

Time for our Windows 10 hands-on tutorials!! We will cover basic as well as advanced tips and tutorials in these video How Tos. In this video we will tell you in detail how to...

Windows Phone 8.1 may support Fingerprint scanner. Start +Theme customization. Messaging on Dual-Sim phone.

The leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK still can reveal things to the explorer with true spirit! So, WindowsPhoneLovers has again found some very interesting stuff. High-grade security which involves scanning of enrolled finger on the...

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