Windows 10 start tip

Time for our Windows 10 hands-on tutorials!! We will cover basic as well as advanced tips and tutorials in these video How Tos. In this video we will tell you in detail how to customize your start experience, how to personalize your Start Menu, Taskbar and Action center with transparency and colors. We will also let you know how to  customize your Lock Screen.

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  • You can set your start menu as full start or not and also manage jump lists, Folders appearing on start.
  • You can set whether you want Start Menu, Taskbar and Action center as transparent or not.
  • You can choose to show colors on Start Menu, Taskbar and Action center. You can also set a particular color or allow system to choose a color itself from the background color.
  • You can set Lock Screen and manage how it looks and what notifications appear on Lock Screen.

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